Monday, 23 July 2012

Man of Steel trailer review

With the recent realise of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, finale to his highly acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy. Everyone will be waiting for the release of the new Superman film Man of Steel. Nolan does not direct however, instead he takes the role of producer and Watchmen director Zack Snyder takes the helm and appears to be steering the film into new territory. We haven’t seen Superman on the big screen since 2006 in Bryan Singer’s Superman begins but six years on and it would appear that Superman has evolved. 

My first impressions of the trailer were of surprise. After finding out Snyder  was set to direct Man of steel, I doubted his ability to succeed in making a convincing Superman film. After Snyder's 2011 critical and commercial flop Sucker punch highlighted his lack of skill behind the camera. Even his 2009 adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel Watchmen was not what some of the fans may have wanted and was dismissed as a fail by Moore himself. In my own opinion Watchmen stood out from the other comic book adaptions that are so common now in the cinemas. It was more mature then Spiderman, darker then Batman and visually more rewarding then anything Hollywood has produced in Marvel and DC's decade at the top. But it was too complex and the story waned under the sheer length of the film, with the tributaries of stories that petered away from the Moore's story. 

But like Superman, Snyder's style has evolved with the result of more mature style. This is clear with scarce amount of CGI that typically clogs up Snyder's films, this allows for a far more mature style and feel. This clear, stylish new look resembles more of Mallik then it does Bay. Whether its a result of Nolan's participation in the film or simply Snyder's mature new style it really has paid off. 

Some might criticize Snyder and class his take on Superman to copy The Dark Knight trilogy. Both appear to have strong comparisons, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) looks run down, hitchhiking and sporting a rather fetching beard. Much like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. The narrator illustrates the new depths of Superman/ Clark Kent as a character, much like that of Nolan's explorations into Bruce Wayne's turn as Batman. But simply from the trailer Snyder looks to have achieved what I doubted of him, the use of CGI is stylish and simple aiding Superman his power of flight.    

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