Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Rush Hour 4?

Rush Hour 2 
Rush Hour 3
Remember back in 2007, the new Wembley stadium was just built, Rupert Murdoch brought the Wall Street journal and Gordon Brown became Prime Minster. But more importantly Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker returned in threequel Rush Hour 3. It wasn't funny, it wasn't good and lacked any point but despite this the producers would appear that three films was simply not enough and it has been released today that producer Arthur Sarkissian is in talks with Chan and Tucker on a storyline for a fourth film. In all fairness the first two films were humorous and enjoyable, Tucker's terrible yet loveable American cop could make you laugh and Chan's Oriental detective was impressive with his martial arts moves. Yet a third film didn't fit in and by moving the action to France it stretched any interest that the audience may have had. Despite Chan and Tucker never being known for their Oscar winning acting they are hardly the most interesting or impressive double act. A writer for the new instalment is scarce and when Sarkissian was asked by Empire about Brett Ratner's participation in the new film not much was given away, possibly an early sign of its immanent failure. Even if they can get this to work, I doubt anyone still cares after a decade since the first instalment and five years since the last the world has changed a lot since Tucker and Chan last got together, Rupert Murdoch can tell you that.

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