Monday, 19 November 2012

DVD Review: Bridesmaids

To make the assumption that Kristen Wigg's 2011 hit comedy Bridesmaids is simply The Hangover in dresses, would be an insult to the film Wigg has managed to create. Of course there are similarities between The Hangover and Bridemaids, such as they both are about weddings and they both have similar sense of humor. But that is really where the similarities stop.

The story centers around Kristen Wigg's Annie, a jeweler who use to own her own cake shop, named Cake Baby or rather Cock Baby as it is edited, but lost all her money due to the recession and has ended up living in a small flat with Matt Lucas, who was a complete surprise to see, and his weird, slacker sister. Her job is dull and her love life consists of on and off sex with Ted, played by Jon Hamm. All that she has is her friends, more specifically her best friend, Lillian. Friends since they were kids Annie and Lillian genuinely seem like best friends, no doubt down to Wigg's brilliantly relaxed acting. Yet once Lillian gets engaged and the plans begin, their friendship begins to struggle due to the introduction of Rose Byrne's Helen, an uptight, snobby character who is incredibly easy to dislike. Ensue hilarious results as Helen and Annie both attempt to win favour of the soon to be bride which results in food poisoning, defecating in the street in a wedding dress and one of the most awkward speeches I've seen on screen. Wigg's acting never fails to raise the laughs as Annie spirals into unemployment, homelessness and friendlessness. Mellisa McCarthy's turn as bridesmaid Megan is gifted with some of the funniest scenes in the film, such as offering a Fight Club themed baby shower. As well the stroke of genius to include Chris O' Dowd into the fold as Rhodes, a romantic, quiet police officer who works as Annie's love interest is sweet and funny. Dowd's performance in Bridesmaids is what got him the part for Friends with Kids, Jennifer Westfeldt's 2011 comedy, again alongside Kristen Wigg but he really shines in this with a strong, emotional performance. He just needs to work a bit more on what accent he wants, it was difficult to tell whether it was his native Irish or an imported American.

For a story about emotional thirty-somethings Bridemaids definitely stands out in the crowd. The mix of emotionally evoking drama blended with hilariously, commonly, gross scenes creates a film that in no way can be compared to The Hangover but instead it should be held in higher calibre. If you didn't enjoy Knocked Up or The 40 year old Virgin don't let that put you off, its smart, funny and the best bit about it? It doesn't have Zach Galifiankis in it.

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