Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Everyone's favourite Holmes is gracing our silver screen in the new installment of JJ Abrams' Star Trek. But we can expect to see him in the Wikileaks film based on the life of Julian Assange, The Fifth Estate. Cumberbatch is set to play founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange and from the pictures its a pretty good fit. Cumberbatch may be a good fit for the film but Assange doesn't seem to be a big fan of getting the film treatment. After being interviewed about the film, Cumberbatch told The Telegraph "He didn't want to condone the film because he thought – hopefully erroneously when he sees the end product – that the project would castigate him and portray a negative side of his enterprise. He didn't want to meet me because he feels the source materials we've based the movie on were poisonous to his account of the events. When he sees it I hope he feels that it's more balanced. I think he will. I hope he will." 

The Wikileaks spans Assange's life from 2007-2010 and concludes with the leaking of the U.S Diplomatic cables. Set to be released on November 15th 2012, surprisingly coming from the director of the last two Twilight installments, Bill Condon. Condon is more famous for the likes of Dreamgirls, Kinsey and Gods and Monsters. With a cast boasting Cumberbatch you can expect audiences to attend, although you can probably count on Assange skipping it.


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