Sunday, 9 June 2013

Many fans of Star Wars have spent the last few months speculating what director J.J. Abrams will do with their beloved franchise. With news coming from Disney about potential spin-offs for Han Solo and everyone's favourite assassin, Boba Fett. Along with the news that Disney are looking to release a Star Wars film once every year after 2015. At a recent Produce by Conference event  the director was bombarded with questions but managing to avoid the bigger questions he did release some of his plans saying, Talk about bigger than any of us. That thing is so massive and so important to so many people. I know from seeing the first film when I was 11 what that felt like. I think the key in moving forward with something like this is in honoring but not revering what came before. There’s that deep feeling of infinite possibilities that I think was the ultimate thing I thought when I first saw Star Wars, which I would – and probably will – give my left arm to try and come close to again.” 

It seems like Abrams has got his work cut out in creating a film that will satisfy the child within him yet still create something new and fresh, and remember to avoid dull and boring story lines that include taxation on trade routes. There is no doubt Abrams can helm a film on this scale, his recent two Star Trek films are evidence of this but there isn't a franchise on Earth that has the following of Star Wars and if he wants to win them over he will have to avoid the balls up that Lucas made in the three prequels that made everyone forget why they loved Star Wars in the first place. Pretty much everyone on planet Earth will be crossing their fingers for no Jar Jar Binks like characters. With Disney looking to release the seventh film in the franchise by 2015, although Abrams himself hasn't confirmed this, fans won't have to wait long to see what Abrams can do. 

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