Thursday, 29 May 2014


It was revealed last week that Shaun of the Dead director, Edgar Wright, had walked out of Marvel's Ant-Man film, a project the director had been working on for nearly a decade, shocking and disappointing many. The news led to many fans of Wright and of the comics to speculate exactly what led to Wright's departure. The news has been released that Wright left the project due to Marvel boss, Kevin Feige, who wasn't happy with the film's script and demanded re-writes. The original script was penned by buddies Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish but what the two writers put together doesn't seem to work with Feige's vision of the future for Marvel and it is not surprising. Wright has been working on the film since 2006, a long time before Marvel started their phases plan with each film building up to an Avengers film. So no doubt Wright and Cornish's script did not fit in with Feige's plans to connect the superheroes. While directors such as Kenneth Branagh and Joe Johnston only stuck around for one Marvel film, Wright is the first one to leave a production before it has even started.

But despite this set back Marvel are still looking to start filming on July 28th this year with their eyes set on their original release date in 2015. Brave for the film company to attempt to get matters back on track after loosing their director. Many have speculated that co-writer, Joe Cornish, will take the helm but no news has been revealed yet. It is disappointing to see Wright, a director with a clear and strong style to leave the production but it is clear the director was not going to back down and alter his vision in anyway. 

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