Tuesday, 3 June 2014

In November last year, Paramount announced that their reboot/remake of the retro horror flick, Friday the 13th was set for a March 13th 2015 release and literally no one was too fussed. We have already seen the film undergo a remake with Marcus Nipel's 2009 attempt and it was awful, no scary in the slightest. So news of another reboot of this franchise seemed to do nothing to get people interested and I don't blame you. While I am not against the idea of remaking films, especially when they are of films like the original Friday the 13th which is in no way a classic, this idea seems pointless. Horror remakes happen because the genre is incredibly cheap and immensely lucrative and people really do not expect that much from a horror film. But remakes should be of films that had a great conceit at the heart of them but failed to execute this idea and their isn't a idea at the heart of any of the Friday the 13th films. While they are enjoyable and tense as slasher films, a remake will add nothing more than some CGI because there isn't a way you can expand explore the world of Friday the 13th. Which made the news of a Friday the 13th television series, even more surprising for me. The plan for the television series is to explore the past of Jason Voorhees, a lot like Bates Motel the Psycho TV spin off series. 

News surrounding the reboot has been pretty quiet over the last few months but today Paramount revealed that the film is being pushed back eight months to November 13th. While Paramount have stayed silent on why they have shifted the release date, the reason they have set the date November 13th is because it is the next date after the initial March date that a Friday the 13th falls on. Hopefully Paramount are pushing the film back to give themselves more time to get this film perfect because I would love to be blown away by this film despite the fact history is on my side. But the new date seems like a daft move. Not only is Christopher Nolan's Interstellar coming out on the 7th of the same month but few horror films come out after Halloween. So we could see Paramount breaking out their calenders to see when the next friday happens to fall on the 13th.  

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