Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Wachowskis really haven't had it easy since they made The Matrix in 1999. They went on to write and direct two pointless sequels which only diminished the quality of the original, then their was Speed Racer which should be locked in a vault and forgotten about and then last year's Cloud Atlas was a return to form of sorts but the film divided the few people who went to see it. So when they revealed their new film Jupiter Ascending it was met with trepidation by some and pure hatred by me. While the film looks good, the premise is laughable with Mila Kunis playing a caretaker who is unknowingly the heir to Earth, because apparently that's a thing and Channing Tatum wears some elf ears. I have to applaud The Wachowskis for coming up with a big, original science fiction film they could have come up with a far better story. 

The film was originally set for a release date this July but news broke this morning that Warner Bros and Village Roadshow are postponing the release until February due to visual effects delays. The date change could prove to be beneficial for the film after all it will be competing with the likes of Transformers: Age of Extinction and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, two big summer blockbusters that could have easily over shadowed Jupiter Ascending. With a February release date the film would only have to contest with films likes Seventh Son and Johnny Depp film, Mortdecai but it's new release date would pit the film against 50 Shades of Grey which could potentially out shine The Wachowskis latest effort. 

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