Sunday, 1 June 2014


It has been revealed today that the once Fresh Prince, Will Smith, has walked out on the production of Julius Onah's Brilliance. The film is an adaptation of Marcus Sakey's novel of the same name which sees 1% of the population being gifted with superpower abilities such as a girl who can find out your secrets just by the way you fold your arms and a guy who can sense patterns in the stock exchange. Soon enough these people gain the nickname 'The Brilliants'. One of these Brilliants, Nick Cooper, utilises his ability and becomes an expert at hunting terrorists. Jurassic Park screenwriter has writing duties and Legendary and Universal Pictures are releasing the film which is hoping to go into production this summer.

Although production may be halted with today's news of Will Smith walking out on the production. Smith's recent history with science fiction has been less than successful. Last year's After Earth was universally panned by every poor soul that forked out money to see it. Hancock, while being half of a good film, lacked something special and I Am Legend was a poor adaptation of an excellent novel. Without Brilliance Smith's got his hands full with the possibility of sequels to Bad Boys and Hancock, as well as starring alongside Margot Robbie in the Glenn Ficarra/John Requa directed film, Focus. 

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