Sunday, 1 February 2015

DVD Review: Willow Creek (2013)
There are probably no two words in the horror film genre scarier: found footage. The technique found mainstream fame with the now infamous The Blair Witch Project and since a lot of people have opted for the low budget and DIY style. Despite the over saturation of the sub-genre some films have made it out the wilderness and managed to stand out such as the Norwegian folk-lore monster flick, Troll Hunter and last year's brilliant, The Borderlands.

Willow Creek centres around Jim, a life-long Bigfoot nut and his non-believer girlfriend Kelly take a pilgrimage to retrace the steps of the Patterson-Gimlin film and make a Youtube documentary. But when they camp down for their first night they might not be by themselves in the woods.

While it feels like director, Goldthwait Bobcat has a horror film checklist that he is reading from, young attractive couple, unfriendly locals and creepy goings on in the woods but there is a lot to enjoy here. The film's scariest scene is a confident and genuinely spine-chilling nineteen minute long shot that owes a lot to The Blair Witch Project. With a running time of only seventy three minutes there is very little meat on the bones, Bobcat doesn't mess around and it's all the better for it. 


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