Monday, 1 June 2015


The modern world is obsessed with online dating. Once a guilty activity done in secret is now the most popular way to hook up with your desired sex to indulge in a night of frivolity or to seek out your soul mate. With apps like Tinder soaring in popularity it was only a matter of time before someone brought the experience to the big screen. And here it is, Max Nichols' (son of The Graduate director Mike Nichols) Two Night Stand.

The concept is after a difficult break up and no success in gaining employment, Analeigh Tipton's Megan resorts to online dating for some fun. Soon enough she finds herself going over to Miles Teller's Alec, in the quickest hook up in film history. Alec is a cool, his got wood pallets for bed headrest, bank manager who seems happy with his run of the mill job. The two enjoy a nights company but shock horror a blizzard locks them in with only each other for company. Cue awkward chats about sex, ping pong and getting high.

While the two leads have a lot of chemistry and come close to being likeable characters, the film's concept at first feels fresh but soon it begins to drag, feeling like it belongs in a sit-com half hour episode rather than a 90 minute rom-com. Nichols does his best and there are a few laughs to be had but it's difficult to salvage much from this dreck.


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