Friday, 17 May 2013

Christopher Nolan is without doubt one of the most talented directors working in Hollywood today. So it is no surprise that The Dark Knight director has been linked to the follow up to Sam Mendes' Skyfall. The Daily Mail confirmed today that Nolan is in early talks with Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, in hope he will take over from where Mendes left off. Nolan has never hidden his love for the British franchise and to see the director behind the camera would excite any fan of cinema, not just Bond fans. It is clear that Broccoli and Wilson are looking at directors who have a distinctive style after the massive success that Mendes' Bond received after it's release last October. And directors do not get much better then Nolan.

But despite the rumors of Nolan's interest in directing the film, the chances of him taking over does seem slim. He is just embarking on his first film after his Dark Knight trilogy, Interstellar. No doubt the project will take over all of Nolan's attention for the foreseeable future, so the chances of Nolan tackling a time consuming franchise are pretty slim but there is the possibility that Nolan could helm a Bond film further down the line. We can all hope and wish.

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