Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Drew Pearce, writer of the massive summer blockbuster Iron Man 3, has been gifted the job of writing the next Mission Impossible film. It appears writing the second highest opening weekend in US history opens a few doors for you. Pearce co-wrote the third installment of Marvel's hit trilogy with director Shane Black and with the amount of high octane action and humor they managed to pack into it it was only a matter of time before the door started knocking for Pearce.  Paramount have signed Pearce onto write the fourth sequel to the massively popular Mission Impossible sequel. It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that Paramount are pushing for a new Impossible after the last one, Ghost Protocol directed by Pixar favourite Brad Bird, grossed a healthy $700 million at the box office.

The question of who will direct the new installment has been left unanswered, Bird's film was so popular with the audience that it wouldn't be surprising if he made a return in the director's chair. But with Tomorrowland starring Hugh Laurie and George Clooney on his plate, he might be absent. However, director of Lee Child's Jack Reacher, Christopher McQuarrie, has been rumoured to take the helm after directing Cruise in Reacher. With Paramount looking to start shooting in the Autumn Pearce better get cracking.

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