Monday, 13 May 2013

No one was really screaming out for a new Spider-man any time soon but it was certainly a breath of fresh air, especially after Spider-man 3. 500 Days of Summer director, Marc Webb (no pun intended) was given the job of bringing Parker back to the screen and he pulled it off in admirable fashion. Peter Parker was re-imagined as Andrew Garfield, whose chemistry with Emma Stone stole the show. Rhys Ifans' Lizard may not have been the villain everyone was waiting for but it was nice to see one of spidey's most famous villains get his time to shine. Despite the fact it may not have told the untold story of Spider-man like it was aiming to, yet the first installment concentrated on the origin of everyone's favourite superhero, so given the space to breath the second installment could be exactly what everyone has been waiting for.

The first pictures from The Amazing Spider-man 2 set have found their way onto the internet over the past few weeks allowing us a sneak peek what the sequel has to offer. The most obvious thing is the change in Peter's spidey suit. The larger, white glasses are the most obvious alteration, giving the suit a closer resemblance to the comics. Other then that the other alterations of the suit look more like Raimi's spider-man then Webb's.

The second installment brings to life two villains who were ignored by Raimi. Jamie Foxx comes on board to play classic villain, Electro. It's clear Webb is going for a very different look and feel then the comics, with Foxx shining blue rather then having a lightening bolt on his face. The inclusion of Paul Giamatti as Rhino was probably the most interesting casting option, especially after seeing the new images of him. It was obvious he was never going to gain the muscle required to play the Rhino we know from the comic but it would be interesting see what they do with the Rhino. The second installment seems to boast one of the most impressive casts of any superhero films, lets hope the second installment doesn't fall at the same hurdle as Raimi's third film back in 2007.

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