Thursday, 16 May 2013

The idea of a sequel to Danny Boyle's 1996 second feature, Trainspotting, has always been rumored but never given the green light. But recently Boyle has revealed he plans to return to the world writer Irvine Welsh created, with a sequel loosely based on Welsh's Porno. It is not only the director who has plans but star Ewan McGregor plans to return to the role that shot him to fame 17 years ago. McGregor told Time Out magazine:"It's funny – Irvine Welsh's novel, Porno, is set 10 years after Trainspotting, but I wasn't ready to do it then, for lots of reasons. But now there's talk of it happening in a few years' time, and I'm totally up for it. I'd be so chuffed to be back on set with everybody and I think it would be an extraordinary experience." If Boyle does go ahead with a sequel it would be difficult to imagine a sequel to Trainspotting that did not include McGregor as Renton. Recasting the character of Renton would seem out of the question, anyone but McGregor in Renton's shoes would seem miscast and out of place.

Judging from McGregor's commitment to the project, it suggests that the actor has forgiven Danny Boyle for casting Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach rather then allowing him the part. Before their disagreement over The Beach, McGregor had starred in Boyle's first three films, Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and the forgettable A Life Less Ordinary. But if plans for a sequel to Trainspotting go ahead we could see the old couple pair up once more. It is expected that Robert Carlyle will reprise his role as psychopath Begbie, Jonny Lee Miller as the slick Sick Boy, alongside Ewan Bremner as Spud and Kelly MacDonald as Diane. If you cannot wait for the sequel to come to the screen Vue is showing the original as part of their brand new Cult Films: Back in Vue.

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