Saturday, 31 May 2014


Ever since the news of Edgar Wright leaving the production of his take on Marvel's Ant-Man, the internet has gone crazy with speculations of who could take over from the British director. Names such as Zombieland director, Reuben Fischer and surprisingly the director of We're the Millers, Rawson Marshall Taylor's name was thrown into the mix. But after much anticipation the studios revealed this morning that Step Brothers and Anchorman director, Adam McKay, would be stepping up and director the film.

It is admirable for Marvel to go on with their original shooting date pencilled in for this July, in my opinion the film should have had the plugged pulled on it. The film's major selling point was it's director. Very few modern film directors can boast the same volume and devotion of fans as Wright. The man is a self confessed nerd and lover of comic books, the guy was basically born to direct comic book films. Despite his first attempt at bringing a beloved comic book character to life, Scott Pilgrim, didn't quite work as well as hoped at the box office, it was still loved and adored by fans. Wright could have brought a legion of people to the cinema on his name alone to see a film about a man who can shrink himself. McKay just doesn't have this ability. While I find Step Brothers hilarious and Anchorman has a loyal following, it isn't because of McKay. Marvel may have chosen the director due to his relationship with Paul Rudd, who is set to star, and that the director fits in better with the vision the studios are looking for. But however the film turns out, fans will still crave to see what Wright could have brought to film and what his vision would look like.

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